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I have been doing voiceovers for over ten years. I have a large range at which I can read copy (this comes from my singing career).


I have voiced a book trailer for author Glenn Meade on the Simon & Schuster website, multiple walking tours through prestigious museums and historical mansions, was the hard sell voice of DeMontrond Auto Group, miscellaneous radio and television ads, instruction and education videos, narratives, and documentaries.

I attend webinars and continuing education classes to stay current in the voiceover field.


I am a professional voiceover artist/talent and have been doing voiceovers for many years.


I have voiced radio ads for Arby's, Pizza Hut, Nationwide Insurance, as well as local businesses, television ads, web ads, a powerpoint presentation presented at Silicon Valley, and many other projects.


I have attended (and continue to attend) many online seminars and continuing education classes as well as Regional VO Conferences to stay current in the voiceover field.


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