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Tips for beginning voiceover artists!

I have been doing voiceovers for over 10 years with my husband, Joe. We started out by taking classes with a voiceover expert, Ron Allan of Big Voice Productions. He provided direction, expert advice and tips to get us up and running and he also produced our first commercial demos. He also gave us our first on-air radio ads for a local radio station, 104.9 The River. It was so exciting to hear ourselves on the radio! We were hooked from the start and really wanted this to be a career path we could take for some excellent extra income, and so far it has been all we hoped!

There are so many things to consider when starting out in the voiceover world. The first of many firsts is taking lessons from an established, credible voiceover talent. This is one of the best things you can do to help you learn the ropes of the voiceover business. They can help coach you with your delivery of a script, your interpretation of the words, which words or phrases to put emphasis on and your timing and tempo of the script. A teacher/coach can also help with breathing techniques which is an absolute plus when some of the scripts are written as one long run-on sentence!

It also helps if you can incorporate a little acting in the reading of a script to bring the words to life. You need to be able to make your audience want to really listen to what you are saying/selling so they will call that phone number you repeated and/or visit the website you spelled out for them. This can set you apart from other voiceover artists and make the people who do the hiring pick you and not someone else.

After taking lessons and really getting the hang of acting out a script, you’re going to need a professionally produced demo. This is a compilation of between 5-8 snippets from different scripts showcasing your talent, along with background music and/or sound effects to make you sound as professional as possible. However, no matter who you have produce your commercial demo, you have to make sure that you, yourself, can re-produce that professional quality in a finished product in your home studio, because if you cannot give the client the same quality finished product as your commercial demo, then you will not get any repeat business and it could really harm your ability to get any future business as well.

Stay tuned for some more (hopefully) helpful information!

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